What’s going on with Travelers?

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Michael sat down with Tanya Rosier from Travelers to talk about their most recent home product changes.

Many times clients will ask “is all this protection necessary”?

We typically answer that with “let’s sit down and review your coverage”.

So …. let’s break it down by the typical question we get.

What if it costs more to replace my home than what it is insured for?

While some policies cap your coverage at 100% of your home’s insured value, Travelers offers options for 25%, 50% or even 1–% in additional replacement coverage to help ensure you’re protected in the event of an unexpected rise in building costs.

Do I have enough protection for valuables?

Many policies limit the amount of coverage on certain types of personal property.  With Travelers, you can choose from three limit levels for jewelry, collectibles, comic books, tools, rugs and other types of valuables.

Am I paying to insure backyard structures when I don’t even have any?

Most policies automatically factor in coverage for structures outside the home – but you may not have any.  Or you could have multiple structures, like a shed, a detached garage, a pool or even a custom patio with a fire pit.  Travelers will allow you the flexibility to change your other structures coverage based on your situation.

Does my deductible decrease each year?

Not all home policies reward their loyal customers like this.  Travelers has an option that banks a $100 deductible credit each year and then applies any unused credit to reduce your deductible after a loss.

Do I get a discount for having a smart home protective device?

When you have smart fire, burglar or water alarms that alert your mobile devices if issues are detected, Travelers offers a discount!

So what now?

If you are interested in customizing your policy, have smart discount features or just haven’t had a review in a while, schedule an appointment with us to review your current policy and make sure it’s customized to provide the peace of mind you value most!

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